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We have been using Healthy Vending SD for over a year now at the Penske Automotive Group Audi dealership, and we are pleased with their attention to detail. Great ownership! I would highly recommend Healthy Vending SD. 

Cathy - Penske Automotive Group

Healthy Vending SD provides us with consistently fresh and delicious snacks and drinks for our members. The machines always operate perfectly, and we never run out of snacks or drinks.  The staff at Healthy Vending SD is friendly, efficient, and eager to make our clients happy!  Seeing Ken (our representative from Healthy Vending) always brightens our day at the office.  

Ellie - WorkSpace Carlsbad

Healthy Vending SD has provided incredible service to our members and us here at WorkSpace. Ken is always making sure we have everything we need stocked and ready to go! He is wonderful at keeping an open line of communication, asking us what options we would like to see in the vending machine and if anyone has any concerns or questions. Ken is a pleasure to work with and always brings a great attitude and bright personality to the office! Healthy Vending SD has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful addition to our business!  

Clare - WorkSpace

Working with automotive salespeople is not always easy. They have lots of demands, and they want them met NOW! Not only does Healthy Vending keep the machine stocked, but they keep it stocked with my sales team’s favorite snacks! No questions, no issues; if someone asks for something, by the next time the tech comes to fill the machine, your request is there! Love working with Ken and Healthy Vending SD! It’s one thing here at the dealership that I never have to worry about!


The Healthy Vending SD team is amazing! Ken goes above and beyond to ensure that you are getting the best service possible. He frequently swaps product based on tenant requests and comes out right away if we ever experience any mechanical issues (which is rare). The machine is modern and sleek – nothing like the clunky beat up vending machines other companies try to give you. We also love that you can have both cold beverages and room temperature snacks in one machine. We have a Healthy Vending Machine at both of our commercial locations and won’t hesitate to host a third when the time comes.

Nicole - Workspace

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